Ask Artemis
A request!

Well… if there any Tumblr out there that can draw? I need a request D:

New to Tumblr

Well… Uhm… I’m a new Tumblr blog… duh.. obviously. I’m a pony RPer, and I’ve been into ponies for /quite/ a while now. Over a year at least? *sighs* 

I came across Tumblr a while ago, and I finally gave it conscious thought.

A little backstory about the blog’s character and main focus: Artemis.

Artemis is the daughter of two very ‘well known’ ponies in the canon. Her father, An ex-royal guard of Celestia named Cloud Shine, and her mother, ex-captain of the Wonderbolts, Jolt Shine. Both of her parents left their respective occupations to raise their little unicorn filly, but tragically they were killed during an Ursa Minor’s attack on their hometown, Hoofscion. Broken and utterly depressed, Artemis left the town and wandered aimlessly. (At the time, she was no older than Sweetie Belle’s age currently in the show).  She finally stumbled upon Ponyville, where her parents had laid claim to a small house on the outskirts of Ponyvilles’ park. She remembered the house. She took up residence there, and has lived there, alone, ever since. She made good friends with Fluttershy, who was keen to help her out, and as such, Artemis developed a strong liking for animals and critters. She’s barely a mare now. Infact, she could still be considered a filly in a lot of ponies’ eyes. Legally and in age however, she /is/ a mare. Recently she’s started looking for more friends, and hopes some day to feel the love that her parents felt for each other.